Storytelling the Wonders of your Travels...

Updated News for 2020

We are pleased to announce that after some time working on this start-up we have made progress and launching soon in 2020.

We have leveraged the core functionality from using the technologies from the snapWONDERS and making use of their API's. This includes photo EXIF and metadata analysis, GEO/GPS features and a whole heap of other much needed functionality. In essence snapWONDERS is the engine behind brownSignWONDERS.


Everyone travels and takes beautiful photos. brownSignWONDERS simply takes all your photos and automatically storytells the WONDERS of your travels. Call it GEO micro-blogging if you wish...

The idea was founded by Ela & Kenn while constantly travelling and chasing all the brown signs to see the WONDERS and then found no easy way to “Storytell” our travels. Researching and investigating further we found there is nothing on the market that offers what we have in mind. As a result — a start-up was formed to fill this void. This is because we believe that beautiful photos taken on our travels should be shared via beautiful storytelling.


If you have questions or wish to contact us then you may do so at:

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